20's Plenty for Brighton & Hove


Why 20mph?

Fact sheets and briefing are available on a wide range of topics connected with 20mph limits on our national site at www.20splentyforus.org.uk/briefings.htm

In 2009, a motion to explore extending 20mph areas was presented to Brighton & Hove City Council (at that time run by the Conservative Party). The motion was passed by all parties and the reasons given for proposing the motion still hold good and remain the basis and rationale for extending 20mph areas across the city. The full report covering this motion can be viewed HERE


“This council is deeply concerned that:

1.     141 people were killed or seriously injured on roads in the city in 2008-9 (NI047)

2.     13 of these were children (NI048)

And that these casualty figures particularly those for children, whilst falling, are still far too high. Also that the relevant performance indicators for both of these figures have until recently been at red.  

This council recognises that:

3.     The most effective measure that can be taken to lower the number of serious road casualties is to reduce traffic speed [1]

4.     That many towns and cities across the country have already decided to set speed limits at 20mph across large urban areas. These include: Glasgow, Portsmouth, Leicester, Norwich and Bristol.

5.     That campaigning organisations such as Living Streets are calling on local Authorities across the country to do likewise.

6.     Many residents and community groups throughout the city have called for traffic speed reductions on their local roads.

This council is also aware that additional benefits of reduced traffic speed include:

7.     Reduced emissions and improved traffic flow – as proven by research in Germany where 30kph (19mph) speed limits have long been commonplace. [2]

8.     Improved sociability - recent research in Bristol found that relationships between residents increased and improved on streets with lower traffic speed. [3].

9.     Safer conditions for walking and cycling.

This council supports the principle of implementing 20mph speed limits in residential areas of Brighton & Hove wherever feasible.

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