20's Plenty for Brighton & Hove


What do people think?

"My area has had 20mph for years, but its only since the streets all around it have become 20mph as well that it has become properly respected by cars driving through the area, who now will mostly obey the limit making it much safer - especially for children - to get around. Fully support wider implementation of 20mph limits accross B&H"  Simon - Hanover


I am writing to support the plans to extend the 20MPH speed restrictions across the city. I live in Fiveways near three schools and childrens playgrounds and frequently see youngsters in Ditchling Road dodging traffic as they cross the road to catch the bus home. Ensuring that speed is restricted can only be a good thing to ensure greater awareness on the part of motorists that slowing down can save injury and life. I use my car regularly to get to work and would not want to have on my conscience the awful  knowledge that, if I knocked down a child who had strayed into my path and severely injured or killed them, had i been going slower i may have been able to stop in time. When people are in a hurry to get to work at the same time as children are getting to school is a particularly risky time.

Perhaps the campaign can give the strong message, supported by evidence from research, that Slowing Down Saves Lives to combat the negative and incorrect publicity appearing in the Argus currently  


best regards


Sharon Hamlin

Sandgate Road


"I totally suport this concept, our streets are so alien to pedestrians with

vehicles belting around at 40 and often above.  I live opposite Preston Park

and crossing Preston Park Avenue to the park is often difficult, but this road

should be crossable by kids who want to go and play!"  Sue - Preston Park Avenue



"I support the 20mph limit because it makes our streets feel calmer, safer and more civilised. When I am cycling, I feel more confident out in the road, well clear of parked cars and their opening doors and less hassled by traffic" Duncan Blinkhorn - Elm Grove



"I support the introduction of further 20 mph in B and H because I work as a public health nurse for the nhs and cycle to visit my patients. I feel significantly safer cycling with the limit - and in my career I have seen far too many children and adults injured and killed by fast cars in this City. Slowing down in the safest thing to do for all road users be they pedestrians,cyclists and drivers" Cathy Marchand.


 "We support the 20mph limit because it helps the traffic to flow more smoothly, reducing air and noise pollution while also making walking and cycling feel safer and more pleasant."

Lewes Road for Clean Air





Here are some of the positive messages of support which we have recieved from Brighton & Hove residents and organisations. If you have any comments you would like to add, please get in touch.

Support for 20mph where people live, work and play is something which reaches across party lines. Here in Brighton & Hove, the idea of citywide 20mph limits were first proposed by Green councillors and supported by the Conservative administration, and the first phase of the scheme was delivered by a Green council with the support of Labour councillors.


In his blog, Conservative councillor and Transport Spokesman Graham Cox describes why he favours widespread 20mph limits (read it HERE), writing "Most of all though it is the death stats which convince me. It is a fact that if a child, mum, dad, pensioner, pet dog, cat or wild animal is hit by a car at 20 mph they are many more times likely to survive than if they are hit by one being driven at 30 mph."


Graham is absolutely right here, and we have tremendous respect for  the way that our politicians are able to work together on this for the benefit of the whole city.