20's Plenty for Brighton & Hove


Main Roads and Arterial Routes

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Statement: "We support 20mph around schools, hospitals and residential streets but not on key arterial roads. We don't support 'blanket coverage'."


Known Sources: GMB Union (Advertisement and Social media) Unchain lobby group (Advertisement and Social media)


Background: This statement is made in criticism of the proposed phase Two 20mph limits. This is based on an assumption that the Phase Two proposals will include every road within its boundaries.


Status: Not justified.


Blanket coverage has NEVER been part of the proposal. Key arterial roads have ALWAYS formed an exception.


Phase one of the 20mph scheme applied to all roads within the area apart from the eastern end of Edward Street. Phase Two has always been intended to include exceptions.


"Most major roads and the more significant or arterial routes beyond the Phase 1 central area are proposed to remain at  their current limits, including the A259 seafront road, Old Shoreham Road, New Church Road, Ditchling Road, London Road and Lewes Road." Council website Q&A


Further information:


When asked to identify any other roads within the scheme which they would like to see remain at the current speed limits, the Unchain lobby group selected seven: Shirley Drive, Eastern Road, Portland Road, Roedean Road, Carden Avenue, Braybon Avenue, and Carden Hill.


All of these roads had already been identified by the council as locations where the speed limit may or may not change, largely subject to opinion given in the consultation.


For a full map of the phase two area, including those roads which will stay the same and those being specialy consulted on, click HERE


Conclusion: As the two groups mentioned above have access to this information, it is not clear why they continue to suggest that a blanket citywide scheme is being proposed, as this serves only to mislead residents.