20's Plenty for Brighton & Hove


Daytime only 20mph limits

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Statement: "A 24hr 20mph speed limit...will leave drivers feeling blase and distracted from where a 20mph speed limit is vitally important, such as hospitals, schools and residential streets..."."


Known Sources: GMB Union (Advertisement and Social media)  


Background: This statement is made in criticism of the whole 20mph scheme and used as justification for opposing the Phase Two extension of the scheme. It is based on the idea that streets could be 20mph during the day and revert to 30mph during the evening.


Status: Not justified.


There are no such day time only schemes anywhere in the country. This is because because part time limits are not allowed under current government legislation and guidance, except for those immediately around schools.


Further information:


That a widespread 20mph limit will encourage drivers to behave more dangerously around schools and hospitals is a bizarre statement. There is no reason to assume that - when motorists become aware of potentialy vulnerable pedestrains around schools and hospitals - they will tend to break the speed limit.


Conclusion: As well as misunderstanding the legislative framework for the introduction of 20mph areas, proponents of this view also misunderstand the nature of our streets for those not travelling in cars, and the broader benefits of slower speeds in our neighbourhoods.


People want to sleep at night and don't want cars travelling at 30mph on residential roads. Additionally (and somewhat conversely) Brighton & Hove is a 24hr city; pedestrians and cyclists do use our streets at all hours. Other motor vehicles also travel abroad at night, and lower vehicle speeds reduce the chances of collision, whatever the time of day or night.