20's Plenty for Brighton & Hove


20mph in Brighton & Hove: The story so far

Following numerous expressions of concern and a series of petitions calling for reduced speed limits in the city, as well as the issues articulated in the council motion of 2009, in the summer of 2012 Brighton & Hove City Council held a citywide consultation looking at the phased introduction of a 20mph speed restrictions across the city.


The consultation found that  55% of respondents are in support of the 20mph proposals. Highest levels of support were shown by older residents (aged 65+) at 67.5%.Business owners or managers show less support for 20mph proposals at 44% in favour. To view the full report, click HERE. The favourable response to this consultation led the council to start the process of formalising phase 1 of the overall scheme. For more on this click on Phase 1 in the drop down menu above







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