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This is a vitally important week for our city. On October 4th (next Friday) the consultation into extending the areas covered by a 20mph speed limit comes to an end. We support this proposal and hope that you do too, and if you haven't already done so we urge you to visit the council website and give your views. Click HERE for the consultation page and further information


For more information on the proposal, and for the reasons why the council is considering this, have a look around this site and also visit the 20's Plenty national campaign website HERE


When you think about the proposal and the consultation, it is important to remember that the whole thing is about increasing safety on our streets and making it less likely that people in our city will be seriously injured or killed in a traffic collision.


  • a child hit by a car travelling at 20mph is five times more likely to survive than one hit at 30mph (Erik Rosén, and Ulrich Sander Pedestrian fatality risk as a function of car impact speed  Accident Analysis & Prevention Volume 41, Issue 3, May 2009, Pages 536-542)

  • after 20mph limits were introduced in Portsmouth, road accident casualties dropped by 22%                          (http://assets.dft.gov.uk/publications/speed-limits-portsmouth/speed-limits-portsmouth.pdf)


Some groups - taxi drivers and some businesses - have been campaigning against the proposals as they do not feel that 20mph limits support their interests. As well as making potentially misleading claims about the scheme (see HERE ), some opponents are implying that the 20mph proposals are in some way linked to parking issues, permit prices and other things. This is not the case - this consultation is just about plans to improve safety for all residents and visitors (including those in cars).


The consultation offers a choice about how we want our city to be into the future: whether we want to continue to allow motor vehicles to dominate our streets, tolerating higher levels of death and injury than we might otherwise have, restricting opportunities for safe cycling, walking and playing, or whether we want to strike a more equitable ballance.


The marginal limitation placed on motor vehicles through a 20mph limit offers such benefit to the whole community - placing it above the special interests of some businesses, and above the political wrangles of the day, and supporting this move will help shape a city for people - for now and into the future.


Please do support these proposals




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Brighton & Hove Phase 2 20mph Consultation ends on Friday